Christopher Östlund owns the majority of a number of different companies which generate almost a quarter of a billion SEK in revenue. His companies mirror a large openness and flat organisations. A mix of Swedish and foreign employees create exciting and dynamic organisations. But the basic idea of Finnish sisu, 'more work – less talk', permeates the organisations. Christopher is not afraid of failure and often claims that the 'slamming the door on the finger' method has taught him a lot. To repeat each mistake as little as possible, the lesson of life. Christopher Östlund says he has often made mistakes, and that learning from them is an important lesson in life. The companies' goal is to be careful, but to drive development forward. In the running of his companies, he has freed the companies of loans and possesses a large capital of its own. Christopher Östlund has several ethical rules, not allowing alcohol and gambling ads in the group's Swedish magazines. An exception to this rule is Gourmet magazine, bought in 2006, which allows alcohol advertising. Gourmet was the magazine that made alcohol ads legal in Sweden, in cases where food and drink are a natural part of the content. Tobacco ads are illegal in Germany, an otherwise important source of income for magazines. However, privately he has no reservations and likes to have a glass of wine and smoke a cigarette occasionally. Christopher Östlund is also proud of the fact that many of his companies have the highest credit rating, rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet. 2005, 2006 and 2007 were also years when Plaza Publishing Group was named one of Sweden's fastest growing companies by Dagens Industri. The company Station 5 AB was also in 2006 named as a 'Gasell company'.

  • Plaza Publishing Group AB
  • Lotsatorgruppen i Sverige AB
  • Station 5 AB
  • FWT AB
  • Repro & Datagruppen AB
  • Heartbeats International AB
  • Plaza Publishing Finland OY